The first case of Covid-19 in Britain for six months cannot get rid of the consequences of the disease

(ORDO NEWS) — A British resident named Joan Rogers was infected long before authorities recognized the presence of coronavirus in the country. To this day, a woman cannot cope with the consequences of infection.

Joan Rogers is 51 years old. Initially, doctors believed that the British woman had pneumonia with complications. The truth became clear after a while. The test confirmed the presence of coronavirus in the body.

The woman lives in Colchester, Essex. At first, the symptoms were like with the flu, but every day the condition worsened rapidly. The British woman was forced to call a doctor. When the woman was admitted to the hospital, she could no longer breathe on her own, so she was connected to a ventilator.

The doctors treated them as for pneumonia. At first, doctors were sure that a woman could not have a coronavirus, since she had not been abroad. Moreover, the doctors did not cherish hopes for the survival of the British woman.

After being discharged from the hospital, Joanne decided to come to the Covid-19 testing center on her own to find out exactly what she was sick with. Experts saw antibodies to coronavirus in a woman’s body. It became clear what the resident of Britain was with in the hospital.

Nowadays, despite her recovery, the woman experiences weakness, her muscles constantly ache. This has been running since January this year. No one can tell when all the symptoms and consequences will go away.

Many media outlets write that it was Joan Rogers who was the first infected in Britain. She was hospitalized long before authorities started talking about the coronavirus.


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