Viking woman’s grave puzzles Norse archaeologists

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of archaeologists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have discovered an ancient tomb belonging to a Viking woman. The find immediately puzzled scientists.

The old age of the burial was indicated by the black and greasy soil in the grave itself. According to archaeologists, such a land could have become at least a thousand years. Interestingly, the woman was alone in the area, although the Vikings usually made collective burials.

The strangeness of the discovered remains also lies in the square-shaped fence. As a rule, fences were made for the burial chambers, where the townspeople and the elite of Norman society rested. However, Hestnes in Tr√łndelag is a rural area with no large settlements nearby.

The burial in its features does not correspond much to the times of the Vikings. Scientists hope to get answers to their questions after a more detailed study of the grave and the remains in it. So, together with the Viking woman were 300 green and purple beads, as well as brooches and combs. The theory of scientists says that the representative of the Vikings was an influential person in the local society.

Experts have not yet undertaken to say anything, since they do not have sufficient knowledge about the find. Rather, the knowledge accumulated over the years is available, but for some reason they do not correspond in any way with the latest discovery related to the life and life of the Vikings.


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