Rash and Chapped Lips New Symptoms of Omicron Revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — The developers of the special application ZOE Covid Study, which is used to collect information on the spread of coronavirus, have established new symptoms of the Omicron strain.

It is believed that a new variant of the disease causes symptoms reminiscent of the common cold. After infection, a runny nose, headache, and causeless weakness appear.

Experts have noticed that quite a lot of patients complain about the presence of some other symptoms. In total, 6 signs were found that may indicate infection with Omicron:

  • Inflamed or chapped lips;
  • The presence of an inflammatory process and a rash on the fingers of the lower extremities. The symptom was called “covid fingers”;
  • Dry skin on the chest and neck;
  • A rash on the legs and arms, which may look like prickly heat or urticaria;
  • Rash in the form of red spots, which are quite painful.They look like frostbite.

The researchers also noted that the digestive problems that patients complained about after being infected with Omicron can be attributed to false signs.

They are not characteristic of the new strain. This problem also arose in many other cases when infection with other strains occurred.

Employees of the Houston Methodist Hospital talked about exactly what differences occur in symptoms when infected with Omicron, Alpha and Delta.

Omicron infects younger people and predominantly women. The new strain is much less likely to result in the need for hospitalization, because the disease is milder.

If a person still goes to the hospital, then he will spend much less time there than when infected with Alpha and Delta.


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