Woman named her newborn son Lucifer

(ORDO NEWS) — Josie King, who is 27 years old, lives in Plymouth, Devon, UK. She named her newborn son with Biblical inspiration in mind.

At the same time, many were surprised by the choice of a woman. The child is now named Lucifer. This name in Christianity is associated with Satan.

The Englishwoman said that the name came to her mind quite by accident and she did not put any biblical meaning into it at all. She noted that if she had given birth to a girl, she would have called her Narnia.

King already has a daughter. After her birth, the woman repeatedly tried to give birth to another child, but ten attempts ended in failure. After that, Josie was diagnosed with a completely disappointing diagnosis – hemiplegia.

This is paralysis of the limbs on only one side of the body, caused by the presence of a tumor in the brain. Literally a month after the diagnosis, the woman became pregnant again.

The decision taken by King caused heated debate in society. She was even invited to take part in a phone call on Jeremy Vine’s highly popular TV show.

There, the British spoke about the fact that she just loves the original names. At the same time, Josie was well aware that the name she chose would most likely not please most of those around her.

Her relatives did not support such a decision, but King does not consider herself religious, so she insisted on her own. The only one who was not against such a decision was the father of an Englishwoman.

After the woman participated in the show, she faced a lot of negative comments in her direction. The elderly were the most outraged.

At the same time, there were those who liked the name of the baby. It is worth noting that the family from New Zealand also named the child Lucifer, but they had to defend the decision, because the registration authorities did not want to give such a name.


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