Photographs of Pulitzer Prize winners

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced on Monday in New York. Reuters photojournalists received a prize in the news photography category for a series of shots about the mass protests in Hong Kong in 2019.

Customers carefully exit the store during clashes between protesters and security officials. November 2.
Photo: Reuters Volunteers assist restaurant employees affected by tear gas. November 2.
Photo: Reuters Hundreds of thousands of protesters march through the streets of Hong Kong due to the forthcoming entry into force of the law on extradition of criminals to mainland China. June 16th.
Photo: Reuters Protesters set fire to a Christmas tree at Festival Walk Mall. November 12th.
Photo: Reuters Protesters use slingshots to launch bricks during clashes with police. 25-th of August.
Photo: Reuters Police use tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters. August 14th.
Photo: Reuters Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the top of the Lion Rock in Hong Kong. September 13th.
Photo: Reuters Protesters paint black coat of arms of Hong Kong in the parliament building. July 1.
Photo: Reuters Garbage collection after a two-week siege of the Polytechnic University campus. November 16th.
Photo: Reuters A student at the University of China in Hong Kong runs away from the police. November 12th.
Photo: Reuters Protesters in a cloud of tear gas. November 12th.
Photo: Reuters During clashes between two groups of protesters with opposing positions at Yuen Long subway station. 12-th of September.
Photo: Reuters Passengers with luggage go around bricks and barricades after the roads to Hong Kong International Airport have been blocked. September 1.
Photo: Reuters Hong Kong President Carrie Lam at a press conference on the procedure for recalling an extradition bill. August 27th.
Photo: Reuters


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