Part of the wall of a pre-Columbian fortress in Peru collapsed due to rains

(ORDO NEWS) — In northern Peru, a fragment of a wall at the Cuelap archaeological complex collapsed due to heavy rains over the weekend. The complex is located in Amazonas.

We are talking about a section of 15 m in length and 12 m in height, there is also a risk of collapse of neighboring fragments.

A special commission is assessing the damage and developing a project for the restoration of the complex. The complex was declared emergency on February 11th.

Kuelap was erected in the 9th-10th centuries by representatives of the Chachapoya Indian people. Their civilization existed in the pre-Columbian period.

After fierce resistance, the Incas captured the fortress of Cuelap in 1475, shortly before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

The Chachapoyas died out for the most part from diseases introduced by the Spaniards, mostly smallpox.


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