An unusual find in Peru: a mummy with pieces of skin and hair

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(ORDO NEWS) — Peruvian archaeologists in the vicinity of Lima discovered a mummy more than a thousand years old. The find is well preserved – there are pieces of skin and tufts of hair on it. This is reported by RMF24.

The first analyzes show that this is the mummy of a teenager. She was found in an underground tomb, wrapped in burial material along with pottery and rope. Fragments of skin and hair were also preserved.

Archaeologist Yomiri Huaman of the National University of San Marcos, who heads the research project, noted that the mummy was preserved in good condition.

The teenager lived between 1,100 and 1,200 years ago. Yomiri Huaman added that the discovery was made about 200 meters from the site where another mummy was discovered last year.

In this archaeological site, the remains of eight children and 12 adults, who were apparently sacrificed about 800-1200 years ago, were also discovered.

The large complex of Cajamarquilla contains the ruins of four pyramids and other structures, in particular, walls arranged in the form of a labyrinth.

According to Huaman, Cajamarquilla was probably inhabited by people from the Andean coast and highlands. Located about 20 km from Lima, this site is believed to have been a thriving trading center.


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