Scientists revealed one of the ancient secrets of universe

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(ORDO NEWS) — The main mystery of the universe says that when the Big Bang happened, there were two different forms of matter – antimatter and ordinary matter. 

At the same time that they come into contact, they begin to actively destroy each other. For a long time, scientists tried to find out why the universe consists only of ordinary matter and where all the antimatter could have disappeared. Finally, they managed to perhaps find an answer to this question. This is reported by The Independent.

The new study was conducted by Yano Tsui from Riverside, California, USA, together with his team. He spoke about the fact that, until today, the biggest mystery of modern physics is why the universe is dominated by ordinary matter.

In the course of the study, scientists decided to test a theory that is directly related to leptogenesis. This process implies the decay of particles and it could be the cause of the asymmetry between antimatter and matter after the Big Bang.

“In certain types of elementary particles at the beginning of our universe, the asymmetry could gradually change to an asymmetry between antimatter and matter. Leptogenesis is considered today to be the most convincing mechanism that could cause the asymmetry of ordinary matter, and even antimatter. At the same time, it can be directly related to one of the fundamental particles – the right-sided neutrino. Modern particle accelerators on our planet will not allow to receive this particle,” says Cui.

At the very beginning of its existence, the universe expanded at a tremendous rate. This allowed him to easily create a high-energy environment in which heavy particles arose. They then began to actively interact with each other. 

After the Big Bang, the universe acted like a giant cosmic collider, but at the same time, the energy in it was so powerful that it exceeded the capabilities of modern particle accelerators by at least 10 billion times.

The scientists added that the clearest traces of asymmetry can be found in the way the galaxies were distributed, as well as in the relict radiation that remained immediately after the Big Bang.


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