North Korea is preparing for a massive nuclear explosion

(ORDO NEWS) — Since 2017, there has been occasional news that North Korea is about to conduct full-scale nuclear tests.

Pak Jin, the head of the South Korean Foreign Ministry, said that some time ago the country’s leadership completed preparations and now a mock nuclear explosion can be carried out in a remote area.

“In the event that North Korea does take the risk and conduct a nuclear test, this will further affect our deterrent power, as well as additional international sanctions.

North Korea should immediately change its mind, after analyzing the consequences of such an act, ”the South Korean diplomat said.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Pyongyang is going to conduct nuclear tests for the seventh time. At the same time, this will be the first time since dictator Kim Jong-un stopped his nuclear program to negotiate with US officials.

Former US President Donald Trump was the first to make contact and offered the head of North Korea to start negotiations. After Joe Biden became president, the issue remained unresolved and was simply in limbo for some time.

That is why North Korea has decided that it will continue to develop its own weapons program. They are going to continue testing nuclear weapons, even taking into account the fact that today the country is experiencing a rapid spread of coronavirus and there are millions of cases.

In recent times, the North Korean armed forces have repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, but they were not equipped with thermonuclear warheads.

Now, representatives of only South Korea, but also the United States, have begun to say that there is too much risk that nuclear weapons will be used, which could lead to quite serious consequences.


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