Kim Jong-un gave the reason why he is ready to start a war

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- North Korea has canceled several government agencies dealing with

US general said whether missiles from DPRK could affect the course of war in Ukraine

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea may increase the supply of artillery ammunition to Russia, but

In Russia’s Pacific port, residents await North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Both Moscow and Pyongyang have remained tight-lipped regarding Kim's rumored visit, with South Korean media

North Korea blames ‘aliens’ for spreading Covid

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea has offered a rather unusual explanation for the origin of

North Korea is preparing for a massive nuclear explosion

(ORDO NEWS) -- Since 2017, there has been occasional news that North Korea is about

North Korea reports 300,000 cases of ‘strange fever’ per day

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea registered about 296,000 new fever patients on Saturday. 15 people

North Korea conducts another ballistic missile test

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea has just conducted another successful missile test, its 14th in

UN report : North Korea builds hypersonic missiles with stolen Cryptocurrency

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea is funding its missile program with cryptocurrency that was stolen

North Korea announced the tests of a hypersonic missile

(ORDO NEWS) -- North Korea said the launch yesterday was a test of a new

North Korea says that Kim Jong-un’s father created shawarma

(ORDO NEWS) -- The North Korean media began to talk about the fact that it

Kim Jong Un has a patch and a green spot on his head

(ORDO NEWS) -- Journalists noticed a plaster on the head of the North Korean leader

North Korea is deeply concerned about Kim Jong-un’s dramatic weight loss

(ORDO NEWS) -- In early June, the world saw the "renewed" Kim Jong-un, who lost