North Korea blames ‘aliens’ for spreading Covid

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(ORDO NEWS) — North Korea has offered a rather unusual explanation for the origin of the Covid outbreak.

The coronavirus, which largely bypassed the country for most of the pandemic, ended up spreading there in recent months.

According to state media in Pyongyang, the country’s outbreak began when citizens touched “foreign things” that fell near the border with South Korea.

According to the report, a soldier and a small child contracted the Covid-19 virus after they found an “alien” object in the hills near the border, after which the virus “spread rapidly” among the population.

Authorities reportedly expect citizens to be “vigilant and not touch alien objects.”

North Korea is a closed country and it is quite difficult to understand what is at stake. Whether some alien object really fell there or whether we are talking about balloons that South Korea uses to distribute leaflets in North Korea is still unclear.

South Korea denies that the virus could have entered North Korea this way.


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