New US history of the pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Businesses and organizations in the United States are forced to take unprecedented measures because of the coronavirus . In New York, the metro closed for the first time in its entire operation, and the Supreme Court, also for the first time in its history, held hearings remotely.

116 years of uninterrupted work with a daily passenger flow of 5.5 million inhabitants – and now the New York subway closes. For the first time in the history of the work of the subway, all stations were inaccessible, the trains got up exclusively for disinfection. Although only from one in the morning until five in the morning, but even at that time there were dissatisfied. “It doesn’t climb into any gates! I need to get back on the train, I can’t stay here. Please,” one of the passengers prays.

Another unique event has occurred in the judicial system: for the first time in American history, the US Supreme Court holds hearings via teleconference. We started right away with an incident. The lawyer’s speech in the case of lifting the ban on automatic advertising calls violated the sound of flushing water in the toilet.

The first sentences for violation of quarantine also appeared in the states. So, in Texas, the owner of the hairdresser Shelley Luther was sent to prison. Despite an order from local authorities to stop all beauty salons, Shelly continued to receive clients over the past month. Now she will have to spend seven days behind bars. “Your actions were selfish. You put your own interests above the interests of the society in which you live. You have disrespectful for state orders, district orders and city government decrees,” states judge Eric Moyet. The defendant retorts: “I have to disagree, sir, with your statement that I am selfish. Because I did this in order to feed the children. Stylists work for me, who are forced to be malnourished, only to feed their children.”

Shelley Luther refused to apologize for her actions. It is noteworthy that the hearings were held just after the state authorities decided to partially remove quarantine and resume the work of some establishments, including beauty salons, from Friday. Relief also affected sports organizations: four clubs of the North American Football League began individual training. Among them is the team of David Beckham “Inter Miami”. Starting tomorrow, several clubs of the National Basketball Association are planning to open their bases for players.

Inter Miami goalkeeper Luis Robles says: “We are very grateful that there was a way to resume training. As you can see, the guys keep their distance, but in a sense we all train together. We are on the field! Not all clubs in the league can still train the same way, but it’s only a matter of time. ”

Nevertheless, the introduction of exemptions does not mean an improvement in the situation. Daily mortality in the United States continues to remain at 2.5 thousand people, the total number of deaths exceeded 73 thousand . Now, temporary morgues are forced to organize not only in ice arenas and parking lots, but also in marinas. In New York, bodies in refrigerated trucks are transported to a pier near the Statue of Liberty.


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