Geologists have stated that millions of years of Earth’s history are missing in some geological layers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists were confused when in some areas they did not see geological deposits formed in a certain era of the planet’s evolution. Gaps were called “non-conformist”.

Scientists study the history of our planet from geological deposits that have formed millions of years. The most striking example of evolution is the Grand Canyon, located in the United States. As recent studies have shown, in some regions there are simply no layers responsible for hundreds of millions of years of the Earth’s formation. The question arises: what force prevented their formation?

According to geologist Rebecca Flowers of the University of Colorado at Boulder, it makes sense to combine the connections between surface and deep processes. It is also necessary to analyze the biological, climatic and environmental features of that time.

Scientists have already explored the gap on Mount Pikes Peak, which carries us 550 million years ago. It was this era that became the forerunner of the time when complex life forms began to appear. Until now, everyone believed that erosion destroyed geological deposits.

However, in fact, the destruction began long before the onset of snow and ice.

Most likely, the discrepancy is associated with tectonic processes when the Rodontin supercontinent formed. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to solve all the mysteries of the past.


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