Attempted invasion of Venezuela: evidence of US involvement

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the case of an attempted coup in Venezuela, Caracas will require the extradition of the head of the American security company Jordan Goodro. A detained former US special forces soldier claims to have participated in an operation to overthrow power in a Latin American country and dispatched mercenary units there . Some of them are arrested and testify.

The start of the press conference of the President of Venezuela is delayed either due to technical reasons, or events are developing too rapidly. Nicolas Maduro reports on the latest findings of the Sunday invasion investigation: “I must tell you that we just caught four more terrorists.

The military, the police and even civilians are participating in the operation. Hammer and anvil! I called on all Venezuelans to look for strange things, which take place in the city, in the district, on the streets. Yesterday people came out and found a suspicious person. They attacked him, tied him up, and he confessed.”

In the hands of ordinary Venezuelans, suspicious Americans admit that they were going to arrange a coup. The suppression of attempts at naval invasion is the main news of the last days, but she bypassed someone. “The President of the United States, Donald Trump, left the residence and said that he had not heard anything about it. I know that Trump is reported every day about the situation in Venezuela. Every day, morning and evening, Trump hears – Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela. – it’s impossible for him not to be informed on the same day, May 3. It was world news. It is impossible for him not to be reported on Monday, May 4. Impossible! It’s just a lie,” said Nicolas Maduro.

The President of Venezuela presents evidence – a video of the interrogation of one of the arrested. The former Green Beret confirms the existence of a contract with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and says that he planned the abduction of Nicolas Maduro to deliver him to the United States. Orders, he says, were received from Jordan Goodro, who provides security for the American president.

Question to the detainee: “What kind of job did Jordan offer you?”

Luke Denman, Silvercorp Private Security Company employee: “I had to meet with a group of Venezuelans in Colombia, train them, travel with them to Venezuela, get to Caracas and take control of the airport to ensure Maduro’s safe transport to the plane.”

Question: “Why is the government of Donald Trump striving to attack Venezuela if we do not pose a threat to your country?”

Luke Denman: “I do not know.”

Question: “Who commands Jordan?

Luke Denman: “President Donald Trump.”

Question: “Who provided you with the weapon?

Luke Denman: “Jordan through Silvercorp”

Silvercorp is a private security company in which the detainees worked. The head of the company is Jordan Goodro, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. But the president of Venezuela has his own assumptions in this regard. “So who gave the order, who is the head of Silvercorp? The leader of the mercenaries is President Donald Trump. He is the direct leader of this invasion and all its participants. If the case burned out, the invasion would have serious consequences. But if it failed, Trump washed his hands as Pontius Pilate,” emphasizes Nicolas Maduro.

At the end of March, the US Department of Justice made serious charges against senior Venezuelan officials, and the Department of State appointed a $ 15 million award for Nicolas Maduro. Now Mike Pompeo promises to do everything possible to return his citizens, trapped in Venezuela. “The US government did not participate directly in this operation. If we were there, everything would have gone differently,” he assures.

But everything went as it went. The President of Venezuela promises that the trial of the detained Americans who tried to commit an attempt on him will be fair.


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