Named professions that will soon disappear due to AI

(ORDO NEWS) — The Institute for Labor Market Assessment and Education Policy, located in Sweden, has determined that several dozen different professions may soon disappear at once. They will be successfully replaced by artificial intelligence.

The experts talked about the fact that artificial intelligence technology is gradually becoming more and more advanced. It can easily perform various functions, which in the future may lead to the fact that society is divided into layers.

The levels of salaries that can be counted on in a particular field of activity will be taken into account. AI will help replace both unskilled labor and, in part, doctors. For example, radiologists will no longer be needed in the future.

Already today, special equipment can independently determine the presence of fractures or damage. Over time, AI will be able to perform many other functions. The equipment will make recommendations for treatment. This was reported by Max Gordon from Dunderdude Hospital.

The huge advantage of using specially programmed devices will be that the work will be done in a matter of seconds.

In addition, it will be possible to significantly reduce the number of those jobs that are related to very labor-intensive tasks in those industries where there is currently a lack of personnel.

Modern technologies will be actively used not only in orthopedics, but also in other areas. For example, in the field of emergency medical care or in gynecology, which will also reduce the acute shortage of nurses.

Also, AI will easily replace people in a huge number of other professions. In this case, we are talking about photo models, sellers, postmen, accountants, drivers, and so on.

One of the former employees of Google, Apple and Microsoft, Kai-fu Lee, spoke about the main threats that artificial intelligence can pose to humans.

The main threat, according to the expert, can be called “smart” weapons of an autonomous nature, which can be easily taught to kill people on their own. Technologies like these will completely change wars. It will be unrealistic to establish the culprits of the hostilities, because weapons will become available.

It has a high programming speed and a high accuracy rate. Already today, you can spend as little as a thousand dollars and create a small machine that can kill.

Negative consequences arise when an AI begins to perform a specific task and at the same time does not pay any attention to everything else.

Artificial intelligence will also collect information about people that must remain confidential. On the one hand, this will make it possible to offer the Internet user suitable films, music or goods. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to compromise this or that person.


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