Europe will disappear: Seers told how it will happen

(ORDO NEWS) — Many visionaries say that the world has approached a critical point. Further events will be dictated not only by politics and the military, but also by catastrophes and geotectonic weapons.

Predictions of the “sleeping prophet”: London will plunge into the abyss

The American seer Edgar Cayce, who was nicknamed the “sleeping prophet” in the United States, did not predict anything good for Europe.

He believed that soon after 2020, a series of cataclysms awaits the Earth, as a result of which Europe and America will become empty: “No one will live there.”

This will happen as a result of a whole series of disasters that will begin with the rise of land in the South Pacific Ocean and the eruption of the volcanoes Vesuvius and Pele (Martinique Island).

This will provoke a series of earthquakes of such magnitude that the United States will be split, Japan will go under water, and the entire northern part of Europe will change “in the blink of an eye”, London will be washed away by a tsunami that came from the coast of America.

The bottom of the Mediterranean Sea near Mount Etna will rise and become dry land.

Cataclysms will not affect Russia, it will be revived, Christianity and faith in God will play an important role in this process. People, united, will give the Earth hope for peace and stability.

Casey called Europe “New Babylon”, in which all the sins of the world will accumulate. In Britain, before the catastrophe, worship of money will reign, in France – carnal pleasures, and Italy will worship the ideas of humanism and the adoration of man.

Cayce believed that disasters would affect both China and India, whose sins are indifference to the rest of the world.

Vanga: Europe will be washed away

While in Russia they are arguing about whether it is worth trusting Vanga’s “new” prophecies from out of nowhere, Chinese analysts are seriously studying her “legacy”.

Their conclusions are disappointing for European civilization. Europe and America are in danger in the near future.

The fortuneteller promised that the United States was waiting for a split. And it is already clear that society in America has really split into two camps: some adhere to Protestant beliefs, others promote debauchery and vices.

But the main tests await Europe: its countries will face “a challenge that they have not yet had, everything will melt like ice.”

Europe will become desolated “because of hostilities”, the use of chemical weapons by terrorists from the East and the fall of a “star” from the sky into the ocean.

Most of the people will die from epidemics, about a quarter will die in a tsunami, all the cities on the west coast will be washed into the sea.

The tsunami will cause an earthquake, after which some “evil” will come out of the ground and complete the destruction of “deserted and cold” Europe.

Problems await the Russians too, but they will overcome them and create a new state that unites Belarus, Russia and the lands of Ukraine.

Poland will be flooded. Klimushko’s predictions

Polish Catholic monk Anrzej Klimuszko, who became famous for his ability to heal with herbs and died in 1980, acquired his ability to “see life films” due to a head injury received from a Nazi during World War II.

A German soldier beat a man half to death. In Poland, the herbalist became famous for the fact that he easily “read” people like Vanga.

He was reluctant to talk about his visions of the future, as they hurt the Pole.

Poland Klimushko predicted a devastating flood and a war to the death with the adherents of Islam. Even during the existence of the USSR, he saw “Arabs sailing to Europe in small boats”, predicted a tragedy that would certainly happen in Italy due to the invasion of strangers.

Surprisingly, he also said that Europe would be “washed away.” Separately, the Pole was worried about the fate of the eternal city – Rome. He predicted him complete immersion in the depths of the sea.

All the marvelous architecture of the city in his visions was hidden in the water, the water corroded the archives of the Vatican, and many cultural values were lost forever.

Water flowed through the lands of Germany and Poland. “Even the cemetery where I will lie will go under water,” the herbalist warned.

All this will happen because “missiles from across the ocean” will fall into the sea. The water in it will “swell”, the Transatlantic shaft will collapse under the pressure of the waves, Gibraltar, Spain will be washed into the sea, the lowlands of Italy will be flooded.

Sahara will be under water all; France and Germany will suffer greatly from the floods, and one in ten will die in Poland. After the flood, troubles and poverty await Europe.

Benjamin Parravicini: Europe is in decline

The Argentine seer Parravicini lived in the 20th century and “communicated” with certain “entities” who revealed the future to him.

The Argentine sketched his visions and left to his descendants a whole archive of images, which supposedly depict the future. And it’s dismal.

The “final conflict”, in his opinion, will be initiated by two powers – Russia and China. As a result of the conflict, Europe will fall into decline, it will be overwhelmed by such downpours that the water level in the rivers and the sea will rise, and the entire economic structure will be destroyed.

The Argentine predicted the fall of the papacy, which would complete the destruction of Europe.

Predictions of the prophet Malachi and Fatima: Rome will fall

The Catholic monk Malachi lived in the 11th century. He wrote down his visions in a manuscript, which was later called “The Prophecy of the Last Pope”.

This work severely branded the Vatican and connected the end of the world with the accession to the throne of the last pontiff, who will bear the name of Peter II “Roman”.

He allegedly will graze his sheep “in the midst of persecution”, and then the city on seven hills will collapse, the papal throne will fall, the end of the world will come, and with it the Last Judgment. This Catholic prophecy echoes the visions of Fatima that happened in the 20th century in Spain.

There, a certain shining lady appeared to the local girl Fatima and showed the future. Among the visions was the Pope, who, in the midst of a raging war, climbed a high hill to the foot of the cross. There, at the top of the hill, a soldier was killing him. Counts.

Irlmeier: Europe will fall during World War III

Another visionary of the 20th century, the Bavarian Alois Irlmeier, believed that Europe would fall during hostilities. It will be invaded from three sides: from the south of Belgrade, from the east and from the Baltic.

Irlmeier predicted that bacteriological and chemical weapons would be used during the war. And a certain plane will drop some new bomb into the sea, and the “water wall” will rise above the highest European towers.

A terrible earthquake will begin, and half of Britain will go under water. The three largest cities will be destroyed.

One will completely sink, in the second only the dome of the church will remain above the water, and the third will lie in ruins.

Giant gaps will appear in the seabed, which will be filled with receding water. The islands off the coast of Europe will sink; all countries that have a coastline will suffer great destruction.

For 72 hours the world will be plunged into darkness. On these days, people will not be allowed to go outside, so as not to inhale poisonous fumes and fall dead. It will be necessary to darken the windows, clog the room, pray and wait.

More people will die tonight than died in two world wars. All livestock will perish, and all vegetation will turn yellow.

Even something that is hermetically sealed in glass will become poisonous. Obviously, the clairvoyant meant radiation.

Civil war will break out in Paris, the Eiffel Tower will be destroyed, the rebels will burn the city. Riots will engulf Italy and Rome. The pope will try to escape from the Vatican, but he will have to do this by walking over the corpses of his priests.

The cataclysms will last for three months, after which the climate in Europe will change forever: even in the winter months there will be no rest from the tropical gnat.

To believe the seers or not to believe is a question that many are now asking themselves. Interestingly, the visionaries are supported by scientists: they have already calculated that in the coming decades Europe may simply die out.

Its population may be replaced by a culturally alien population from the East and North Africa. But even without scientists and analysts, it is clear that terrible and unusual events await us in the near future. Whether we stand, whether Europe falls, will depend on us as well.


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