Farmer Uses Virtual Reality To Increase Milk Yield

(ORDO NEWS) — Izzet Kocak, a livestock breeder from the city of Askaray, which is in Turkey, while milking cows at his farm, decided to put them on special virtual reality glasses. The man is completely sure that it really works, because milk yield has increased to 27 liters, while before it was only 22 liters.

The livestock breeder decided to try this option of influencing cows after he got acquainted with the results of a study conducted some time ago.

Experts have found that certain pleasant scenes can make cows happier, which will have a positive effect on the amount of milk. In order for the cows to begin to believe that they are grazing in the meadow, and not standing in the barn, the farmer used modern virtual reality glasses.

A headset that was specially designed to be used for animals is not that long ago. For the first time it was tested at the Krasnogorsk farm, which is located near Moscow.

The gadget developers collaborated not only with farmers, but also with consultants and experienced veterinarians. The glasses made it possible to “deceive” the cows, which had a very good effect on their productivity.

The experiment has shown excellent results. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation began to say that modern gadgets have significantly improved the emotional state of animals in a herd.

The hardware was based on a human VR headset, but at the same time the devices were given a special shape that takes into account the characteristics of the animal’s head.

After that, the program changed the color palette to match the unique vision of the cows. It is worth noting that cows are not color blind, but they are much better at perceiving those colors that are included in the red part of the spectrum.

An interesting fact is that Izzet Kocak previously conducted experiments that dealt with the emotional background of 180 of his cows.

For example, he played a variety of classical music quite often so that the animals could completely relax. This also had a positive effect on milk yield, so the farmer is going to purchase a dozen more modern gadgets in the near future.

The experience of a Turkish farmer can be useful to specialists from other countries.


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