Milk increases the risk of a deadly disease doctors revealed its harm

(ORDO NEWS) — Milk is part of the lives of billions of people on the planet. It is certain that millions of men consume it on a daily basis. However, few people know that the usual substance can have a bad effect on the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is an organ in the male body associated with the bladder.

A new study by a group of scientists from the Loma Linda University of Health from the United States showed that drinking large amounts of milk increases the risk of developing prostate cancer.

This is explained by the fact that the product contains special hormones, since about 75% of dairy cows are pregnant. American authors came to such conclusions after an eight-year study of 28,000 men.

Intimate danger

The male subjects were interviewed and surveyed. The results of the study showed that men who consumed about 430 grams of dairy per day (1 ¾ cups of milk) had a 25% higher risk of developing prostate cancer than men who consumed only 20.2 grams of dairy per day ( 1/2 cup milk).

“Our findings add important weight to other evidence that regular high milk intake is a risk factor for prostate cancer,” said Gary Fraser, MBChB, PhD, study principal investigator and professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

How to reduce your risk of Prostate Cancer

Fraser advises men with a family history of prostate cancer or other risk factors to be “cautious” about consuming even moderate amounts of cow’s milk as part of their diet. “If you think you’re at above average risk, consider soy, oat, cashew and other milk alternatives,” he said.


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