Beautiful amulets made of natural stones

(ORDO NEWS) — Since ancient times, stones have been used to create jewelry, design interiors, and interiors. Someone believes that they have magical powers and special energy.

Others are sure that it is important to find your stone, which will bring good luck to its owner. But in any case, the aesthetic appeal of the rock cannot be denied.

Especially if it has been carefully processed by masters. Grinding makes the surface very smooth, shiny, which brings aesthetics.

Variety of jewelry for all occasions

Traditionally, emerald, lilac shades are very much appreciated. Good translucent, almost transparent tones, rich black or white.

Such decorations will look organic with other accessories, outfits in clothes. Some of them are made very strictly, concisely, so you can wear them with business suits to work, where you need to follow a strict dress code.

There is no less variety of interesting solutions suitable for social events, romantic dates, going out. Peculiarities:

  • It is worth considering this option as a spectacular gift not only for yourself, but also for loved ones.
  • There are jewelry that women will like regardless of age, or those analogues that are designed mainly for a youth audience.
  • There are also jewelry for men, as well as universal options.

Superior Rock

The surface always feels a bit cool regardless of the room temperature. Manufacturers make their creations in the form of traditional talismans, such as a horseshoe, which is often found in Slavic mythology. Flower buds, floral, animalistic compositions are also created from stones.

Stones are divided into precious, semi-precious, gems. This means that you can pick up quite budgetary, but very attractive, creative options.

And yet, the craftsmen pay great attention to cutting, adding a metal frame, chains. Classics can be called a tiger or cat’s eye, quartz, granite, topaz, pearls. Amber and alexandrite, moonstone, chrysolite, carnelian, jade are highly valued.

In fact, there are dozens of interesting options, and each of them is good in its own way. It is not surprising that many people create their collections from stones of different colors and textures.

They effectively complement each other, and wonderful overflows can be considered endlessly. Much depends on the brightness of the light source.


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