Infamous American pastor surprised with his statement

(ORDO NEWS) — Robin Bullock, one of the popular pastors in the United States, urged his congregation to consider Biden’s presidency a sin. At the same time, Robin allowed him to pray to his parishioners for the health of the new US President. What were the calls of the preacher for?

This is reported by the portal.

Bullock is an adherent of the views of Donald Trump. He predicted that he would win the second elections, but he was wrong. The preacher is also popular because he runs his own channel on the Internet on one popular website, where he speaks with a prophetic program.

The unusual sermon was recorded on video. So millions of people around the world learned about it. During an impassioned speech to the congregation, the preacher declared that Americans should pray for the salvation of Biden’s soul as a person. He considers the choice of the Americans to be wrong and calls for people to repent of it as soon as possible.

Praying for him as president is a sin! For an illustrative example, Robin Bullock compared him to the Easter bunny and said: “You don’t pray for the Easter bunny, because it simply does not exist.”

The pastor also insisted that there was no sacred anointing during the ascent to the White House. And without God’s blessing, a person cannot occupy such a high position in the country. Therefore, all who congratulated a man on a new rank are sinners.


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