Some stars can travel in time

(ORDO NEWS) — Stars can jump in time, but not all, but only those that are in the vicinity of black holes. Previously, it was believed that such travel is possible only in space. But Avi Loeb (a former professor at Harvard University) proved that celestial bodies travel in time with an illustrative example.

Writes about this Scientific American.

This phenomenon can be observed when two supermassive black holes merge. Such movements of celestial bodies can be proved based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Avi Loeb explains that when black holes merge, stars move through the galaxy at the speed of light. Their movement is not affected by the gravitational field from the explosions.

The speed of light is almost 300 m / s, it is obvious that with such a movement, the journey can be called a jump in time. The thing is that for an object that is moving so fast, time in space seems to slow down. As an example, the professor cited the “Twin Effect”. When one twin brother goes into space, and the other remains on Earth, and upon returning from the trip, the astronaut looks younger.

The same thing happens with space objects. The faster they move, the more noticeable the time difference. This theory is applicable to both living objects and objects of non-living nature.


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