American woman sat on the lawn and watched her house burn

(ORDO NEWS) — This incident took place in Maryland. At the site of the fire, people noticed the “observer”. While they were trying to save the mistress of the house from the fiery captivity, the other mistress sat in an armchair opposite and pretended to read a book.

Gail Metvelli (that’s the name of the Pyro) was never able to explain the reason for such strange behavior.

The situation turned out to be much more tragic. Gail Methvelli could kill a man. The neighbors managed to save the owner of the house, who was imprisoned in the basement. The investigation showed that the detained 47-year-old American woman had already set fires earlier. The residents of a house in Elkton were injured at her hands.

Then the American woman also set fire to the building and sat down to watch what was happening on the lawn. Eyewitnesses managed to film the strange behavior of the American woman. She sat in her chair and read a book while the house was engulfed in flames.

Now the suspect in organizing the fires is in custody. She was charged with attempted murder, first degree arson, malicious destruction of property and other criminal acts.

A woman should not be released because she is dangerous to others. In the near future, a psychiatric examination will be carried out, and the case will be sent to court.


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