In Mexico, a 200-year-old church suddenly appears from a lake

(ORDO NEWS) — A whole city with unique structures was hidden in the depths of the lake for many years.

The Temple of the Virgin Dolores is an unusually beautiful 19th century church that can now be seen in the middle of a reservoir. The thing is that due to weather changes, the water level in the lake has dropped sharply, now the world can contemplate this beauty.

The Independent reports.

The last time people saw this temple was in 1979. The flooding of the city and area is associated with the construction of the dam. In a nearby town, a dam burst and many people were injured.

Then the President ordered the construction of a new one in Villa Real de Mina. After the Purisima Lake was formed on land, the temple stood in the water for 40 years.

The Church of the Virgin Dolores previously housed a priest’s house and kept civil status records. The town of Villa Real de Mina was part of the El Zangarro community. According to the remains of documents found, historians suggested that the structure was built in the 18th century.

The oral ones reported that the historians’ notes tell a sad story. During the construction of the dam, people flatly found themselves leaving their homes. They did not want to hear that an area of ​​1200 hectares would be flooded. The resettlement of the population lasted for a very long time.

Now, due to severe drought, the lake is drying up, the throughput of the dam has dropped by half and the flooded city is beginning to be seen. Its main attraction is that the church was badly damaged by water and partially destroyed. However, already now there are many who want to come to this marvelous place and take a few photos.


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