A frog the size of a human child found in the Solomon Islands

(ORDO NEWS) — An amphibian the size of a human child was discovered near Honiara, in the Solomon Islands. The huge frog shocked the whole village. Previously, no one found such large individuals.

This is reported by the Daily Star.

Jimmy Hugo (that’s the name of the villager who found the animal) couldn’t believe his eyes at first. He was hunting a wild pig that day. But I caught the catch more interesting. In the foliage of one of the bushes, he saw a giant monster, which turned out to be just a frog.

Jimmy brought the amphibian to the village, where everyone could take a photo. In size, it is no less than the thigh of an adult. There was no way to weigh the animal, but the residents are sure that it was at least 10 kg.

This type of frog belongs to the Conifer group. These are some of the largest species on earth. Habitat stretches from New Britain to the Solomon Islands archipelago.

In recent years, the number of these animals has dropped sharply due to deforestation. They also have very sensitive skin and individuals of this species suffer from detergents used by the villagers right in the flowing streams.

After the photo session, the villagers took the frog to where they found and released it.


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