The girl dated a guy for two years who turned out to be her longtime friend

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(ORDO NEWS) — Tashika Smith, a young 22-year-old UK resident, shared the news on social media. She finally found the guy of her dreams, but he broke her heart when he made an unexpected confession – he is her longtime friend.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Their love story began in 2019. Young people met on one of the popular social networks. In the beginning, they just corresponded as friends. But soon Tashiki developed feelings for the young man.

A real meeting with Aron (as the young man called himself on the network) could not take place for various reasons. They started an online relationship.

The guy confessed his feelings to the girl and said that he wanted a serious relationship. The lack of real meetings called his words into question. Tashika had no choice but to turn to a private detective.

The truth that the British heard shocked her.

The detective found out that in fact Aron is Tashiki’s longtime friend. The name is Sunis’s friend and she created a fake account. For two years, Sunisa pretended to be the non-existent Aron to help her friend.

In this way, she wanted to distract her from past failures in love. How their friendship will end now is anyone’s guess.


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