In Japan, people develop a sixth sense

(ORDO NEWS) — It’s about echolocation. By itself, this feeling is unusual for the human species. It’s too early to talk about successful experiments. However, scientists from Japan are actively trying to educate people to use some aspects of echolocation.

Researchers from Japan have every reason to believe that such a practice, in theory, can yield fruitful results. This is evidenced by a May study by British scientists. For two and a half months, they managed to train 26 people in echolocation methods. All of them, to one degree or another, had vision problems.

Scientists believe about the possibility of reconfiguring the occipital lobe for other tasks. For example, for the ability to recognize objects using echolocation. The neurons of the brain are rearranged to be able to perceive the echo as a visual signal. Over time, the brain learns to represent a picture of the world based on the differences in the perceived signals.

Japanese scientists draw on research by scientists from the University of Durham. It was in it that people were able to teach echolocation. Researchers in Japan are trying to identify patterns in people’s learning. It will take them a long time to create curricula and practical exercises. However, progress has already been made – some of the participants in the experiment have learned to recognize objects using echolocation.


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