Yeti uses infrasound for protection

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many versions about what could have ruined Dyatlov’s tourist detachment at the pass of the Northern Urals, which was later named after him. One of them names the effect of infrasound as the cause.

There is no doubt that when people encounter something that does not fit into the usual picture of the world, for example, a yeti, lake monsters or UFOs, their emotions increase dramatically. And it is obvious that amazement and excitement will be the main among their emotions. And a certain amount of fear, of course.

However, eyewitnesses often experience a completely different aspect of emotions – an overwhelming and all-encompassing horror. And many of those who experienced this, believed that this feeling was deliberately caused by what they saw.

Among the creatures, at the sight of which people often experience inexplicable horror, also appears the very Scottish Nessie from Loch Ness . And it is really very difficult to explain this, because usually eyewitnesses see Nessie either in passing or as something incomprehensible in the water, that is, they really do not see anything particularly scary to be so scared.

For example, here is such a case, which has become a textbook in books about cryptozoology. On July 22, 1933, George Spicer and his wife were driving along the road past Loch Ness when an incomprehensible large creature jumped into the road about 200 meters in front of them.

The creature climbed out of the bushes that surrounded the road, crossed the asphalt and disappeared into the bushes by the lake, and then probably went under the water, since the Spicers did not see it again.

The normal reaction of people to such a thing would be just a strong surprise, but the Spicers not only experienced extremely strong horror, but the very sight of this creature shook them to the core, although they saw him not close, but only from afar.

George Spicer later described the creature as completely disgusting and “an absolute insult to nature.” And even the way it moved in strange jerks made the Spicers nauseous, because its movements reminded them of the movements of a massive writhing worm.

The Spicers also described that they felt that this creature was something very evil and wrong for a living creature. At the same time, the spouses regretted that they had not been able to better see the appearance of the creature.

Now let’s move on to Bigfoot (Yeti). He is a true master at throwing numb and overwhelming fear on eyewitnesses. A huge number of people who saw the Yeti reported that they experienced unexplained horror, nausea, a feeling of disorientation, confusion, dizziness, headaches and numbness in the body.

Many of these sensations are very similar to the effects of infrasound. It is an extremely low frequency sound well below 20 Hz, the extreme threshold for human hearing.

In everyday life, people who work with certain animals are most often exposed to infrasound. Infrasound can be emitted and perceived by insects, amphibians, reptiles, some rodents, and even hippos and elephants.

“People who work with elephants often report nausea, dizziness, vomiting, disorientation and weakness as a result of exposure to infrasound produced by elephants. Known effects of infrasound on humans also include feelings of intense fear, anxiety and excitement.

Bigfoot researchers report similar symptoms that seem to appear suddenly in the field. Maybe this is how they scare people away from themselves? “- asks Melissa Adair, an expert on hairy cryptids.

Another effect that occurs when meeting with mysterious creatures, which can also be the result of infrasound, is uncontrollable panic. Many eyewitnesses to the Yeti encountered her, which made them run without looking back in blind terror and without stopping, even for several miles.

Something similar from time to time affects those people who went to the mountains and encountered something inexplicable there. Due to uncontrolled panic, they ran over the rocks and only miraculously did not fall into cracks and did not fall off the cliffs.

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Infrasound is also one of the theories of what happened to the Dyatlov tourist detachment at the pass near the Mountain of the Dead (Holatchakhl) in 1959. The location of the bodies of the victims described their hasty, panicky flight from something that greatly frightened them.

This horror was so great that people jumped out of their tents in severe frost (while making a cut in the fabric of the tent, and not through the exit) without even dressing and ran, ran and ran away as far from the camp as possible. Later, some of them came to their senses a little and tried to make a fire and warm themselves with clothes removed from those who had already died, but froze before they could.

That is why many researchers of anomalous phenomena believe that the Dyatlov detachment was killed by the yeti, who wanted to scare people away from their territory. And that it was precisely because of the yeti that the local Mansi residents always tried to stay away from this mountain and warned people not to go there.


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