In Britain, an archaeologist found a brooch that is over 800 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — In the UK, archaeologist William Nordhoff discovered a very unusual artifact. At first he thought it was another piece of lead. The incredible discovery was made in Wiltshire on a field in Pewsey Vale.

As it turned out, the man found a brooch made in the Middle Ages. Her weight is 5.77 grams. This artifact dates from around 1150-1350 AD. The brooch was officially recognized as a treasure under the Treasure Act 1996.

The find includes approximately 10% of the precious metal. She was over 300 years old when she was discovered. Experts note that the cost of the brooch can be approximately $6,720.

The researchers attributed the unique find to the number of religious artifacts. The brooch has a round shape and a slightly bevelled edge. On it is written a short passage of Christian prayer. There is also a Hebrew inscription on the inside.

Experts are sure that the letters A, G, L and A, according to people who lived in the Middle Ages, had some kind of magical property. After a thorough analysis of the find, it became clear that the brooch was used as a magical amulet that could protect a person from fever.

A feature of the brooch is also that it has four different surfaces with inscriptions at once. They are completely free of any spelling errors. In addition, the magical amulet has been preserved quite well. Nordhoff was very surprised by the find and added that he immediately realized that the brooch was made of gold.

If he had made a mistake literally by a couple of centimeters, the decoration would have continued to lie in the ground and it’s not a fact that it would have been possible to find it sometime.


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