Hundreds of dolphins in southern Australia washed ashore

(ORDO NEWS) — More than 250 dolphins grind in Macquarie harbor in Tasmania need help. For some reason, they were trapped, from which they themselves are unable to get out. According to experts, the creatures had a navigation error. Their body in charge of this failed.

Police and maritime experts have already raised the alarm. Approximately 25 animals have already died and 250 need help. People have already gathered to help the creatures, in the near future they will be sent to their habitat.

As noted by Nick Decka, who was responsible for incident response, several large groups somehow managed to get stuck inside the harbor, on the sparsely populated west coast of the island. The animals are aground. It is very difficult to see how many have died.

Grind belongs to the dolphin family, they are also called pilot whales. It is worth noting that the species of the creatures have not yet been confirmed by the Department of the Environment. Rescue operations will take place in the early morning of September 22nd. Police and maritime experts have already assessed the work to begin the rescue operation.

In the morning hours, there will be an outgoing tide, which will play into the hands of rescuers. Water will come and go, so you need to do everything as quickly as possible.


It is important to note that discards of whales and dolphins are often recorded in Tasmania, but not in such large numbers. This is the first time an incident with over 250 individuals has been reported. Dolphins could approach the coast too quickly due to navigation error. The sun and magnetic storms could have affected. Animals rely mainly on magnetoreception, which is the magnetism of the earth. Creature emissions are most likely to occur on days with increased levels of RF noise in the atmosphere.

Anyone can join the rescue team. The police have already cordoned off the scene of the incident, and rescue operations are expected to begin.


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