Strange creature — photo was found on Australian beach

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the city of Adelaide (Southern Australia), vacationers noticed on the shore a strange creature that surprised them. At the same time, they were very scared, because they had not seen anything like it before. Reports about it Daily Mail.

Residents of the city photographed the find and posted photos on social networks, causing a storm of discussion. Users began to build speculation that a slippery creature could be from a galaxy. However, the biologist who got these photos hurried to calm everyone down.

According to him, the photo shows a representative of the colony of ascidias, living mainly in coastal areas. This creature is a mixture of vertebrates and invertebrates, and the yellow dots on her body – are individual animals, zooids.

The expert added that the most common are dark-colored ascidias, which occur in coastal waters at depths of up to 25 meters, as well as in algae and shallow water. The biologist also clarified that these creatures are completely safe for humans.

It will be recalled that earlier in Portugal managed to catch a representative incredibly rare species of shark, which was nicknamed “ live fossil”. The creature has been floating in the ocean since dinosaurs roamed the planet. The interesting fact is that over the last 80 million years, these sharks have hardly changed and look just as strange and a bit scary.


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