US Air Force pilot’s confession: authorities use alien technology

(ORDO NEWS) — David Fravor, a pilot in the United States Air Force, revealed a number of facts during his service. So, for example, in 2004 he met a UFO on the coast of San Diego. The Pentagon has no answer to this day what happened then.

The pilot managed to film his contact with aliens on camera. Later, the video spread across the web. The Pentagon has officially admitted that it has no idea what David Fravor might have encountered.

According to the man, almost two decades ago, he definitely saw a UFO. He is also confident that the authorities have long had alien technologies and are actively using them. It is precisely the US government that owns the new developments, only this is carefully hidden.

Fravor sees no problem in adopting alien technology. You can see video cards showing flights of unidentified objects. They confirm his words.

The authorities could borrow designs from a crashed UFO, for example. Perhaps, a number of unique solutions are already used in unmanned devices, which were definitely not created by American engineers.

It is worth noting that the pilots of the American army often encounter unidentified flying objects. Moreover, there have been cases when the military pursued alien ships. David Flavor is not the only one who met with humanoids, so we can conclude that some civilizations do visit our planet. Official science, of course, is unlikely to recognize this in the near future.


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