Astronomers are baffled by a very hot planet the size of Neptune

(ORDO NEWS) — For three decades, astronomers have managed to discover about four thousand planets outside the solar system. As a rule, all bodies are similar to each other and belong to the same topological series, but not the last discovered planet.

The new planet was classified as a “superhot Neptune”. Its most important feature is that the surface temperature reaches 1700 degrees Celsius. The planet revolves around the star LTT 9779, a complete revolution takes only 19 hours. The age of this star system is 2 billion years. It is only 260 light-years away from Earth. Within space, this is considered to be in the neighborhood.

The open planet has a mass equal to 28 globes. The share of the atmosphere in the body mass is 9%. The main mystery for scientists is how the planet kept its air shell at such high temperatures and speed of movement.

The first version says that only the remnants of gas remained on the planet before it was much more. According to the second inference, the most powerful gravity prevents the attraction to the star and the vaporization of gas. There is also a third theory. It says that the distance from the star could have occurred due to a collision with a massive body. The orbit got lost, the planet shifted, part of the atmosphere evaporated.

Astronomers still have a lot to learn about the unique planet. Observations and research continue.


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