Aliens are believed to be behind a series of livestock mutilations in Australia

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to one Australian family, aliens are to blame for a series of mysterious cattle mutilations on their farm.

According to local media reports, Judy and Mick Cook’s large ranch in the town of Yungella has been plagued by strange incidents over the past 18 years, with the latest murder occurring just six months ago.

In total, the couple lost 20 head of cattle due to a mysterious criminal who removes animal organs with surgical precision and leaves no blood or traces of his presence behind.

After pondering this recurring mystery for years, the couple came to the conclusion of who or what is to blame: aliens.

“How does this happen? There must be something that raises and lowers them without leaving any marks,” Judy said, pointing out that the alien hypothesis is “the only explanation I have.”

This view was echoed by her husband Mick, who recounted an incident five years ago when he noticed an inexplicable bright light hovering over the “border of the lot.”

The next day, the rancher went there and found the animals huddled together. The animals, he said, “looked scared and started running away as soon as I got close to them, which was very strange.”

The couple’s daughter agrees with the alien explanation her parents support, “it really makes you wonder if there’s something going on that the general public doesn’t know about, maybe hiding something from us.”

Since the circumstances surrounding the killings are eerily similar to the mysterious cattle killings that have been reported in America for decades, this suggests that perhaps the phenomenon is global in nature and not just happening in the United States.


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