How to take an antipyretic with an omicron strain so as not to harm yourself

(ORDO NEWS) — Immunologist Irina Yartseva explained what dosage of antipyretic drugs should be observed to achieve the desired effect, and so as not to harm herself.

The specialist recommended two drugs that can be taken with coronavirus, including with the omicron strain. It’s ibuprofen or paracetamol.

She also noted that it is necessary to drink plenty of water, systematically gargle and rinse the nose.

Yartseva advised taking drugs according to the following scheme: “for ibuprofen, this is 1200 mg per day, that is, 400 mg three times a day.

For paracetamol, this is 1000 mg three times a day, that is, 3000 mg. But at the same time, the doctor urged not to self-medicate.


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