From what conversations can some people get sick: psychologists say

(ORDO NEWS) — Conversations on certain topics can affect a person’s condition so much that after a while he will feel unwell.

The author writes that there is a so-called nocebo effect. This is when, after talking with a person who has a diagnosis, his interlocutor begins to get sick due to negative expectations. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Colorado.

It should also be noted that when talking about any of his illnesses, a person in any case produces, as it were, a “transfer” of it to another. This has a particularly strong influence on people with a high level of empathy, easily suggestible, impressionable. This does not happen with doctors because they develop psychological protection.

What is most dangerous in this case is that when impressionable people talk about the disease, everything is remembered and remains at an unconscious level. And later it affects the cells, the biochemistry of the human body. This was discovered by one of the scientists from the University of Colorado – Thor Wager.

From what conversations can some people get sick psychologists say 2

What to do to stop such an unpleasant conversation? You can say to the interlocutor something like “I have no time to listen”, “I sympathize, get well soon”.

But this method is not suitable, for example, for hairdressers, manicurists, etc. That is, for those who are forced to communicate with people due to their job responsibilities. Experts advise trying to mentally switch during a monologue to something else.

In addition, the American psychologist Lauren Elloy, in the course of one of the studies, found out that prolonged listening to such monologues about diseases can lead to disruption of the biochemistry of the brain, and also harm the work of the extrapyramidal system.

This system is responsible for muscle tone and vitality. That is, it turns out that those who complain about “sores” really, as it were, take away energy from those around them.


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