What’s Wrong with NATO’s Space Strategy: Three Key Points

(ORDO NEWS) — NATO has several weaknesses related to space strategy.

NATO January 17 shared the strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance in space. According to this document, in case of an attack on any state from the alliance, the rest will have to collectively ensure its defense.

As for the role of the United States, their allies will have to monitor common satellites and bear responsibility for them.

At the same time, military experts are sure that there are three main drawbacks of the new strategy.

1- The absence of a legal basis for the deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space. Military expert Mikhail Timoshenko notes that, according to the law, NATO cannot place weapons in space or conduct nuclear tests. Apparently, the specialist adds, representatives of the alliance will somehow bypass these nuances.

Whats Wrong with NATOs Space Strategy Three Key Points 2

2- US manipulation of NATO space forces. Tymoshenko explains that there could be problems in the future due to the position of the United States compared to other alliance allies. This can lead to hiding or manipulating data, since European countries do not have such orbital groups and arsenals as NATO does.

3- Vulnerability of NATO Orbital Groups. Only the United States can exercise control over outer space, emphasizes Mikhail Khodarenok, a military expert. At the same time, the States are not capable of countering various threats in space.


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