Historian talks about ten-meter tsunami in Yellowstone

(ORDO NEWS) — Yellowstone is constantly monitored by the US Geological Survey in order to timely recognize the possible onset of destructive processes. Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to track disasters. For example, scientists were taken by surprise when a massive earthquake struck Lake Hebgen. It provoked an unprecedented tsunami.

The incident took place on August 17, 1959. The tremors with a magnitude of 7.5 killed 28 people, and also caused damage to £ 9 million. Historian Larry Morris clearly remembers that day. Suddenly, there was a roar, the likes of which did not happen even during the Second World War.

Until midnight, the strength of earthquakes was 6.3 points, and then it increased to 7.3 points. It shook violently for less than a minute, but it was enough to destroy the mountainside. From a height of three hundred meters, a landslide collapsed, he entered directly into the Madison River. The channel suddenly disappeared, and the water formed waves 10 meters high, creating a tsunami. Tourists at the foot of the hill have experienced the full force of the elements: the wave washed away their camp.

In honor of the incident, the Lake Earthquake Center was opened, where you can see the consequences of those terrible events. Strong tremors are what can awaken Yellowstone. It is impossible to foresee such disasters somehow, so at any moment an earthquake can turn into a volcanic eruption.


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