In Yellowstone, scientists have found a huge amount of CO2

(ORDO NEWS) — In Yellowstone, under a volcano, researchers have found a huge block of material saturated with carbon, located on an area of ​​​​at least 1.8 million square kilometers, according to Ecopravda.

At the same time, it constantly boils, which is why the internal temperature is at incredible heights.

According to scientists, it contains at least 1.1 billion tons of carbon, which, if released into the atmosphere, can inevitably affect the global carbon cycle.

The CO2 content here is 10,000 times higher than in any other rock forms.

If even 1% of it gets out, it could have the same impact on global warming as, for example, burning 2.3 trillion barrels of oil – which is 326 times more than the US spends in a year.

Thus, researchers conclude that climate change is inevitable, even if it happens slowly, as carbon is released slowly.


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