Climate change has allowed trees to grow longer and absorb more CO2

(ORDO NEWS) -- The early arrival of spring and warmer temperatures have extended the growing

In Yellowstone, scientists have found a huge amount of CO2

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Yellowstone, under a volcano, researchers have found a huge block of

CO2 levels are now comparable to what they were 4 million years ago

(ORDO NEWS) -- The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in May was 50

Hydrogen is 11 times worse than CO2 for climate

(ORDO NEWS) -- Hydrogen will be one of humanity's key weapons in the war against

First-ever decrease in atmospheric CO2 concentration

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time, researchers have detected short-term regional fluctuations in atmospheric

Volcanic eruption near the island of Tonga doubled the concentration of CO2 in the region

(ORDO NEWS) -- Speaking of greenhouse gases, in most cases we mean emissions caused by

Share of inorganic sources of CO2 during permafrost thawing was unusually high

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to scientists, their result is about 20% of the carbon dioxide

Global CO2 levels hit new millennial high in 2020

(ORDO NEWS) -- Global CO2 levels hit a new millennial high in 2020, despite traffic