Estimated risk of being hospitalized if infected with Omicron

(ORDO NEWS) — Omicron is not as dangerous as other variants of COVID-19. This statement was made by Portuguese experts after they assessed the risk of hospitalization. In the case of a new strain of coronavirus, the risk of being hospitalized is 75% lower.

Employees of the Institute of Health named after Ricardo Jorge analyzed the statistics on coronavirus infections. The results of the study showed that for every 100 patients with the delta strain, only 25 were infected with Omicron and were hospitalized.

In addition, scientists were able to establish that those people who are faced with a new variant of COVID-19 are in the hospital much less than in the case of other strains. Additionally, Omicron has been confirmed to cause fewer deaths.

The study was based on information on those patients who were ill with coronavirus in Portugal in December 2021. Experts note that they managed to get exactly the same results as in many other countries where similar studies were previously conducted.

Previously, experts have repeatedly said that Omicron causes much fewer complications than, for example, Delta. At the same time, it is considered more contagious and spreads very quickly.

The Ministry of Health of South Africa said that during the new wave of Omicron, more than 20 thousand cases of infection were recorded daily. In the case of the Delta strain, the figure was approximately 4.4 thousand.

Omicron was recorded for the first time in South Africa on November 11. Experts note that the new strain is very easily tolerated by those patients who have already completed the full course of vaccination.

At the same time, it is also said that the virus is able to bypass the immunity that arose as a result of the fact that a person had been ill with another strain of coronavirus.


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