Scientists have figured out how many minutes of exercise you need to minimize the risk of death

(ORDO NEWS) — The authors of a new study examined the relationship between regular physical activity and mortality in adults.

Adults who spend 300 to 600 minutes of moderate physical activity or 150 to 300 minutes of vigorous exercise a week have the lowest mortality rate.

This conclusion was reached by scientists from the School of Public Health at Harvard University (USA), the Federal University of São Paulo (Brazil) and Seoul National University (South Korea).

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, adults should devote at least 150-300 minutes per week to moderate-level sports or 75-150 minutes to intense training. “The potential impact of physical activity on health is enormous.

But it remained unclear whether prolonged, intense or moderate exercise beyond the recommended levels provides any additional benefits or, conversely, leads to bad consequences for the cardiovascular system, ”said Dong Hoon Lee, PhD, one of the authors of the new study.

His team analyzed data from 116,221 adults in the United States collected over 30 years of observations from 1988 to 2018.

During this period, participants completed a questionnaire about their physical activity 15 times. Most of the volunteers – 63% – were women, almost all – over 96% – were white. The median age was 66 years and the body mass index was 26.

The questions they answered included information about diagnosed diseases, family medical histories, bad habits.

Moderate physical activity included walking, various simple exercises, weight lifting and gymnastics, while intense physical activity included jogging and regular exercise, swimming, cycling and other aerobic exercises.

In just 30 years, 47,596 people have died. Cox regression, which is also called the proportional hazards model, was used to assess the risks and associations between sport and all-cause and specific-cause mortality.

The results showed that people who exercised weekly at an intense rhythm for 150-300 minutes showed a decrease in the probability of death from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) by 27-33%, not from CVD – by 19%, in general – by 21-23%.

“Adherence to recommendations for moderate exercise (150-300 minutes a week) was similarly correlated with lower mortality: 19-25% lower risk of all-cause, CVD, and non-related deaths,” the researchers write.

Meanwhile, volunteers who did 300-600 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every seven days had a 28-38% lower risk of death due to cardiovascular disease, and a 25-27% lower risk of death due to unrelated causes. to CVD, by 31% – from all causes.

The researchers, unlike the authors of some previous studies, did not find any negative health effects in participants two to four times the recommended activity level (150-300 minutes per week for high-intensity exercise or 300-600 minutes for moderate exercise).

Although there was no particular effect of more intense training – more than 300 or 600 minutes per week – in terms of reducing mortality, scientists did not observe.

“Our study has provided data to help people choose the right amount and intensity of exercise throughout their lives to maintain overall health. In addition, we reaffirmed current recommendations for physical activity,” Li concluded.


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