5-365 days-Historic Boy In US Stabs Twin Brother To Death With Kitchen Knife: Cops

A 5-year-old boy in the United States was stabbed to death by his twin brother

Israeli minister requires ‘death penalty for terrorists’

The far-right Otzma Yehudit party wants to legalize capital execution for the first time since

Gaza Death Count Tops 13,300, More Than 5,600 Teenagers Tedious, Says Hamas

Gaza's Hamas government said Monday the death toll in the Palestinian territory had passed 13,300

Taylor Swift returns to Rio stage after suspending Eras Tour dwell performance, fan death

Taylor Swift resumed The Eras Tour Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after postponing a

Purposefulness affected the risk of death from any cause

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Scientists have found out what a person sees at the time of death

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Death gives life scientists understand what caused the rise of dinosaurs

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‘Murdered by indifference’: France shocked by death on busy Parisian street

(ORDO NEWS) -- Swiss photographer René Robert died of hypothermia after he fell and was

3rd Leading Global Cause of Death Is Likely Not What You Think

(ORDO NEWS) -- Antibiotic resistance is often seen as a 'future problem', but newly published

Degree of fatigue was called a marker of imminent death

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3 leading cause of death in the world is most likely not what you think

(ORDO NEWS) -- Antibiotic resistance is often seen as the "problem of the future", but