Scientists have found out what a person sees at the time of death

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have finally been able to record the activity of the human brain. Using an EEG or an electroencephalogram, they recorded the brain activity of an 87-year-old patient.

He suffered from epilepsy. He was constantly monitored so that seizures could be tracked, but the man died suddenly.

At the time of death, 900 seconds of brain activity were measured. The experts drew attention to what happened in 30 seconds and after the cardiac arrest.

As it was established, immediately before death, gamma waves begin to form in the brain in large numbers. They take part directly in the processes of memories, dreams and meditations.

With the help of generating oscillations that were directly related to the restoration or extraction of memory, the brain, some time before death, could begin to reproduce memories of the most important events that happened in a person’s life.

The same information was repeatedly encountered in the experiences of people who were dying and told about what was happening to them. After a thorough analysis was carried out, experts also learned that only pleasant and most vivid moments experienced are reproduced.

In addition, it was possible to find evidence that the human brain still functions fully for some time after the heart stops beating and blood circulation stops.

Experts note that only one patient took part in the study, so it will be necessary to check the results several more times in the future. At the same time, they added that the man’s brain had some damage caused by epilepsy.


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