Egyptologists put together a torn 2300-year-old “Book of the Dead” scroll

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(ORDO NEWS) — Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the possibility of digitizing documents, specialists were able to easily restore a torn scroll, which is included in the world-famous Book of the Dead. It should be noted that the age of this unique artifact reaches 2300 years.

It is reported by Live Science.

One of the fragments of this scroll has been kept for a long time in a museum located in New Zealand. It was then digitized by employees and entered into a database that is openly accessible.

Experts from Los Angeles studied the provided image and began to compare it with the part of the scroll that they had. Then digital images were compared with each other. As it was possible to establish, they made up one and the same document, which plays a very important historical role. There is a slight “gap” between the parts of the scroll, but the text that was restored is quite meaningful. You can even read a spell that is written using hieroglyphs.

Alison Griffith noted that it was incredible that the fragments of the scroll were recovered remotely. Parts of the Book of the Dead are written in cursive script and hieroglyphics. It is worth noting that archaeologists have previously found a variety of texts of the Book dead. The most vulnerable is considered to be the one found in the tomb of Unas. The hieroglyphs were carefully carved right on the wall of the grave. A little later, the texts began to be written on parchment, in which the mummies were then wrapped.


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