Archaeologist from Greece believes that he was able to discover the tomb of the mother of Alexander the Great

(ORDO NEWS) — In the northern part of Greece, some time ago, excavations were carried out in the tomb of Korinos. Most likely, one expert managed to find the lost grave of the mother of Alexander the Great, whose name was Olympias.

This is reported by Ancient Origins.

Professor Athanasios Bidas believes that he has a sufficient amount of evidence and therefore can argue that the tomb really belongs to Olympias. The most important evidence of a specialist is the inscriptions on the tomb of Korinos.

In addition, the size of this tomb plays an important role, which is much larger than all the other Macedonian tombs he studied earlier. Such dimensions may indicate that the grave belongs to a really important person. The specialist also emphasized that this is actually a smaller version of the tomb that belongs to Alexander the Great.

The main proof that Athanasios Bidas is right is the location of the marble ossuary vessel. It is turned towards the east. This is how Greek women used to be buried, who belonged to the families of the rulers.

The professor added that the tomb of Korinos was most likely erected for the Greek elite who lived in the 4th century BC. It is located in ancient Pidna and has the largest size among those burials that have been discovered by archaeologists to date. The burial complex is 22 meters long.

Many scholars agreed with Bidas’ opinion, including Liana Soulvatsi. Now experts believe that they were finally able to identify the real burial place of the mother of Alexander the Great.


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