Remains of a jug with a rare name from the Bible discovered in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — Excavations are underway in the southern part of Israel. Archaeologists, while exploring the next site, discovered a fragment of an old jug on which the name Jerobaal was written. This name was popularly called Gideon and it is found in the Bible. So far, experts cannot provide information about who exactly owned the jug and therefore put forward a variety of versions.

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The inscription was made in the era of the Judges. It lasted throughout the 14-11th century BC. The fragments of the jug were found in the “chamber” under the ground, which was completely lined with beautiful stones. Most likely, the capacity of the jug was not more than a liter. Archaeologists believe that something of value was kept in it. It could be perfumes or rare medicines. But the main question remains the owner of the pot. Was it Jerobaal or someone else?

The name on the shard is written in an ancient letter that appeared in Egypt about four thousand years ago. Today archaeologists rarely find artifacts with such inscriptions. Also, experts noted the fact that this is the first time that the name Jerobaal was found directly in an archaeological context.

In the Bible, Gideon is mentioned as the conqueror over the Midianites. He gathered a small army and organized an attack on opponents near the source of Harod. This inscription on a fragment of a jug may be related to another Jerobaal, and experts do not exclude this. Regardless, the name was quite popular during the era of the Judges.


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