A man found mysterious underground passages under his house

(ORDO NEWS) — A man from Italy accidentally found a huge network of tunnels under the ground under his home. Many bats live inside the tunnels.

Reported by Reddit.

A Netatrax user shared information that some time ago he became the owner of a house located in the southern part of Italy. There was a small shed near the house, in which the man saw an entrance from a system of tunnels. Some of the passages were cut into the ground by hand. Many spread over a long distance and were even under the house of the Italian.

It was cold enough in the dungeon, and the humidity indicator reached 99%. The moves had several levels, but Netatrax decided that it was better not to go too deep without belay. After some time, he began to explore the second level, where he discovered an underground pond.

The purpose of the network of moves has not been clarified. Due to too high a moisture index, food or wine could not be stored in them. Netatrax added that the man plans to further benefit from his find. He is going to lay a system for irrigating trees and plants on the site, which will draw moisture from the underground passages.

Other users began to comment on the Italian’s story and suggested that the network of tunnels could have been built during some kind of war and used as a very reliable bomb shelter.


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