NASA is going to leave a message in the spacecraft for posterity

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s Lucy mission isn’t just about exploring Trojan asteroids. Experts plan to leave a message to posterity.

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In the 70s of the last century, four spacecraft were simultaneously sent into space. Two of them bore special tablets, and two more – records for travelers from other planets who could collide with them in the future. NASA has decided to continue this interesting tradition. The exact same plaque will be installed on the Lucy ship. It is worth noting that this spacecraft will not leave the solar system, so there will be a special time capsule inside it. In it, scientists will place a message that is intended for our descendants.

The first mission will be used to scrutinize Trojan asteroids discovered far from the main asteroid belt. These objects have not been studied before, so they can tell a lot about the formation and development of planets in the solar system.

The mission will be completed in 2033. After that, the spacecraft will continue its journey and will be located between the orbit of our planet and the studied Trojan asteroids.

The time capsule will contain messages from talented people of our time and Nobel Prize laureates in the field of literature. In addition, it is planned to depict the solar system on the message at the time of the launch of the spacecraft.


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