Jupiter’s moon may have living conditions

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, living conditions can be present in Europe. At the same time, water can easily penetrate not only the surface of the moon of Jupiter, but also its ice crust. Scientists have explored several different planets and exoplanets at once to find life in the solar system. Most of all they were interested in the icy satellite of the giant planet Jupiter – Europa.

It is reported by India Today.

Experts believe that oceans stretch beneath the surface of Europe. It is in them that all the conditions necessary for life can be present. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that the satellite’s surface has withstood several serious impacts. Experts have studied how badly it was damaged not only by radiation, but also by numerous collisions with cosmic bodies.

NASA has provided evidence that a salty ocean is hiding under a thick layer of ice on Europa. It was this fact that interested scientists. Emily Costello added that in order to find chemical biosignatures that will confirm the existence of conditions for life on the satellite, it will be necessary to explore areas located well below those where the meteorite impacts occurred.

Some time ago, experts found that the stony layer, which is located under Europe, has a fairly high temperature. It is quite enough for the formation of underwater volcanoes. The researchers added that some time ago, volcanic activity was present on the ocean floor on Jupiter’s moon, and it can continue until today.


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