Mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus found in 7 US states

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(ORDO NEWS) — Mosquito bites are very uncomfortable at best. Very often, these insects are carriers of dangerous diseases. For example, experts have recorded mosquitoes in 7 different US states that carry the West Nile virus. To date, cases of infection of residents of different states have already been recorded.

Reported by The Hill.

Health authorities have provided evidence that mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus have been found in several states at the same time. This disease causes paralysis. Experts noted that there are a lot of mosquitoes this year due to frequent rains and too hot weather.

Since the beginning of summer, in different cities, not only insect vectors have been recorded, but also cases of human infection. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert noted that in the summer, the activity of the life-threatening virus increases significantly and the huge number of mosquitoes is a direct confirmation of this.

The risk group includes people over 50 years old. The West Nile virus provokes a variety of neurological pathologies, but in some situations a person can get sick quite easily. In the second case, the disease will have almost the same symptoms as the usual flu. In addition, nausea, fever, and severe headache may be present. In rare cases, a rash appears and the lymph nodes may swell.


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